Wedding flower walls are a beautiful and unique way to decorate a wedding reception. They are also a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding décor. Flower walls can be made from a variety of materials, including silk flowers, real flowers, or even paper flowers.

Flower walls are becoming increasingly popular as they add personality and style to any event. However, you might still have many questions about this fantastic wedding addition. Read the article below for you to learn more.

What Is a Flower Wall?

A flower wall is a wall covered in flowers. Flower walls are often used as decorations at weddings and other events. These walls can be found at weddings, product releases, high-profile events, corporate spaces, popular restaurants, shops, or venues. Flower walls can also be branded with logos, slogans, and last names, featuring custom Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), plexiglass, or plaque-style signage.

Flower walls can be made from real or artificial flowers, depending on the event they are used for. Real flowers are typically used for temporary installations, like events that only last a few days. On the other hand, artificial flowers are a better option for more permanent flower walls.

Real vs. Artificial Flowers

One important factor to consider when creating a flower wall is whether to use real or fake flowers. As already mentioned, you'll need to consider the look you're going for, the event's duration, and other factors to ensure your flower wall looks amazing from start to finish.

Choosing to use fresh or faux flowers for a wedding largely depends on the timing and location of the event. Fresh flowers are a good option if the event is only a few hours long and will be held indoors in moderate temperatures. However, if the event is longer than one day or will be held outdoors in hot weather, faux flowers are a better choice to ensure the flowers last throughout the event.

Choosing a Flower Wall

Some suppliers create one-of-a-kind flower walls tailored to clients' needs. They can begin every collaboration with a consultation to better understand the wedding or style goals. From there, they create a custom design and provide you with a render of the finished product so you can see how it will fit into your space.

This frame will serve as the support system for your wall, so it’s essential to make sure that it’s sturdy and well-built. Once the structure is complete, you can begin attaching the flowers and greenery to create your stunning floral display!

A-line frames are the most common type of frame used for flower walls. They are typically used in situations where the flower wall will be featured in a corner or when viewers will not have access to the back of the display. This means that instead of having a separate wall for the installation, the installation can be built into an existing wall, creating a clean and simple look.


There are many factors to consider when picking a wedding flower wall. The type of flowers you choose will depend on the overall theme and style of the wedding. Roses are always a classic choice if you want a more traditional look. The wedding party and venue size will also dictate how many flowers you'll need. Work with professionals to ensure you have enough blooms to create a stunning display.

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